Time Communications provides a seamless Call Center experience for CUTCO

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CUTCO Cutlery is the largest manufacturer and marketer of high-quality kitchen cutlery and accessories in the United States and Canada. CUTCO was able to reach this point by having a great product and an equally impressive sales force to get that product to the world.

In 2004, CUTCO had a problem. They were growing but the call center they were using was becoming a little too large for their needs. They wanted something that felt smaller and was more personal. Julie Groth, a Catalog Call Center Supervisor for CUTCO, explained how while they didn’t have many needs, those needs were important.

“We wanted to be taken care of. Having a long-term partner was also very important,” Groth said. After plenty of research CUTCO interviewed a few different call centers and finally narrowed it down to Time Communications. Dorothy Black is the Account Manager for CUTCO at Time Communications and is always striving to keep updated on current CUTCO products. Once a year Black will have a luncheon to demo new CUTCO knives right in the Time Communications office. They’ll even watch their presentations.

“We use the cheese knives, etc., really any knife they have so we can be familiar with the product,” Black said. Other than knowing the product, CUTCO had two no compromise requirements that Time Communications had to meet.

“The two main things were to be up and running quickly without big issues,” Groth said. “And when our customers call in they don’t know they’re talking to an outsourced service because all their questions can be answered. We find that really important. We want a live person answering the phone. Time (Communications) really does follow our guidelines.”

Time Communications was able to meet those requirements, even with some obstacles in the way. Usually new clients are trained in person but that wasn’t an option in this case. “We were on sort of an urgent timeline. So we trained them over the phone, which is almost unheard of,” Groth explained. That quick training allowed CUTCO to start handing over calls much sooner. CUTCO was able to monitor those early calls and noticed the Time Communications reps were scoring quite high “almost immediately.”

Now, eight years later CUTCO is still happy with the service at Time Communications. From training to answering calls, Groth said CUTCO is happy with their results. “With Time Communications, we never feel a bump in the road.”

Time Communications Gives Gene’s a Personal Touch

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For the past 35 years, Minnesota residents have been able to trust Gene’s Water & Sewer with their plumbing needs. Gene’s prides themselves on using the best and newest technologies, along with a great crew of workers, to get the job done. They’ve been a family-owned business since opening in 1977, and want to make sure their customers feel like they’re getting that home town, personal touch from all aspects of their business.

As your company grows, giving your customers that personal feeling can get a bit more difficult. Craig Peterson, the current owner of Gene’s Water & Sewer, knows just how that goes. It was his father, Gene Peterson, who started the company all those years ago. He was the owner and the only employee. Now, there are eight employees and the company offers a wide variety of plumbing services. When the company started growing, they knew they’d need help.

Craig’s a hard man to get ahold of, as any business owner might be. “During the day, I’m almost always at a job site,” Peterson said. That’s good for business but bad for customers trying to reach him. That’s where Time Communications came in. In 1998, Gene’s Water & Sewer became a Time Communications client, which makes them one of their longest-running business clients to date.

“I think they were impressed in our step-up in technology, like emails and text messaging,” said Gregg Chartier, a Time Communications Client Relations Manager.  Today, that may not sound so impressive but in 1998 it was a major step forward.  Time Communications takes every call for Gene’s Water & Sewer, and gets that call or message to the right person. Gene’s provides direction for prioritizing certain calls. For example, “If a family member calls in, we get that to Craig right away,” Chartier said.

Peterson knew that having just any call center wasn’t going to be enough. “We needed a solution that sounded natural and made things easy,” explained Peterson. Time Communications is always working to keep these goals in mind when dealing with Gene’s Sewer & Water and their customers.

“We try to sound natural and answer the phone just like we’re at the Gene’s office,” said Chartier. “We act like their virtual call center, 24/7.”

Time Communications has been working with Gene’s Water & Sewer for 14 years now, and is looking forward to a successful 14 more years.

Time Communications is always there for Finkelstein & Partners, LLP

Finkelstein & Partners Logo

The law firm of Finkelstein & Partners, LLP has been in the business of helping injured people since 1959. The firm takes pride not only in providing the best legal counsel, but also in offering the best “customer service” to their clients as well.

Potential clients move fast though, and if a caller interested in hiring an injury attorney can’t reach someone right away, they may just move on to another firm. This could spell a serious loss for Finkelstein & Partners, LLP, who don’t want to lose a single lead. Donna D’Ortona, the firm’s Client Relations Manager, explains how each potential case is just as important as the last one. “That one call we lose could potentially be a million dollar case.  We just don’t know.”

For this reason it was critical for Finkelstein & Partners to have a reliable call center partner for backup. In 2003, they found that partner in Time Communications. While Finkelstein & Partners already has a small in-house call center, they also receive many calls after hours from people who have either recently been injured or who are just looking for more information about the firm. Time Communications takes those calls and even asks some general questions to help determine if it’s an emergency or needs immediate attention. “They (Time Communications) mainly look for injuries other than malpractice,” D’Ortona says, “If they find that’s the case Time Communications can reach an on-call attorney to speak with the caller right away.”

Taking messages and answering backup calls isn’t all that’s important to the busy law firm, though. The two companies enjoy a good working relationship for other reasons as well.  “I’m happy to have one representative that’s almost always there, for many years.  In this business there’s usually more turnaround,” says D’Ortona.  Finkelstein & Partners’ representative is Dorothy Black.

“They are a great client and have been with us for years.” notes Black.  The final aspect in a successful partnership is problem solving.  D’Ortona recalls problems that occurred 4 years ago and says, “Time Communications put a team together and straightened it out right away. We really appreciated the approach, and it made us realize that they value us as a client.”

Time Communications works hard to keep Finkelstein & Partners, LLP happy, so that the law firm can swiftly capture new business and keep their current clients satisfied.  Says D’Ortona, “They’ve done a very good job.”