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Live Answering Services

If you’ve been thinking about investing in live call center services, you probably already know how important it is to have a friendly receptionist answering your phone — no matter the time of day. When potential customers go straight to voicemail, get busy signals or remain on hold too long, they are already thinking of the next company they can call.

Time Communications provides live internet chat services

Relying on a live telephone answering service allows you to have a real human being available on the phone line at all times. In a day and age where more and more companies are resorting to pre-recorded messages, you can stand out as the company that offers the personal touch that customers want and appreciate.

Reliable, Flexible, Professional

At Time Communications, our US live answering service allows you to give your clients a real person to talk to, 24/7. It allows your customers to get the answers they seek immediately, instead of getting voicemail or generic hold music. That human connection helps build trust and loyalty.

But we go beyond just providing a human voice. Our live operators will undergo extensive training to learn about your company so they can provide accurate, professional responses. Our call centre representatives will treat your customers with respect and care.

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