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Improve Sales with 24/7 Order Taking Services

Time Communications offers complete order processing services to help you make sure you never miss the chance to make a sale.  24/7 order processing availability combined with our friendly, knowledgeable and award-winning staff mean you’ll be able to continue to sell even after regular business hours.

Order Taking Services provided by Time Communications of Minnesota

No matter what sort of order processing service you need, Time Communications can help.
• Take orders over the phone, including up-selling and cross-selling to maximize revenue
• Literature fulfillment
• Credit card transaction processing services
• Registrations
• And many other applications

We work with you to create an order processing and management scenario that:
• Meets the exact requirements of your business.
• Works within your business rules to ensure that all orders meet the important guidelines that keep your business operations running smoothly.
• Ensures our order processing representatives are thoroughly trained to know the ins and outs of your business, product line, and order processing requirements.
• Is flexible so you can quickly and easily make changes to your order processing needs.

In addition, our industry-leading technology is Internet based. When your customers call or use online chat, our representatives have instant access to your order management system information so your customers will enjoy a seamless order processing experience.

Your Business Deserves a Professional Order Solution

Find out how Time Communications live telephone order entry services can save you time, money and improve your customer satisfaction.

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