15 Ways to Know You’re From the Midwest

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15 Ways to Know You’re From the Midwest
15 Ways to Know You’re From the Midwest

There’s something special about people from the Midwest (we should know—Time Communications’ headquarters is located in Minnesota).  We’re a humble breed of Americans, who smile to the folks we pass on the sidewalk just because it’s the nice thing to do, and sometimes really do say things like “uffda” in our daily conversations.

Whether you’re from the North Central region of the United States, or just know someone who lives there, here are 15 identifiers of a Midwesterner you betcha you’ll recognize:

  1. You’ve been told you have an accent.
  2. When the temperature dips below 60 in the Fall, you pull out the scarves and boots.  But anything above freezing by Springtime means short sleeves and flip flops.
  3. If you’re asked to bring a “salad” to a party, you know that doesn’t mean the lettuce kind.  There better be noodles and some sort of a mayonnaise base.
  4. Every weekend in the Summer must include at least one bonfire or you’re not doing Summer right.
  5. Who needs the ocean when you have 10,000+ lakes?
  6. You get excited about that Winter storm warning because it usually means more ice on the lakes and more opportunities for snowmobiling (unless you’re a student because school is still in season)
  7. Every occasion must be planned around the seasons—hunting, fishing and farming that is.
  8. You have skipped school because of deer hunting.
  9. Roughly 90% of all conversations start and end with a comment about the weather.
  10. You know there are really only two seasons: Winter and construction.
  11. This isn’t MinneSODA.  It’s called pop, people!
  12. And on the subject of what things are really called: you say “tennis shoes” when talking about athletic footwear, not sneakers; and you’re serving a “hot dish” for supper, not a casserole.
  13. Vacation is a direction: up North or out West.
  14. Distance is measured in minutes, not miles.
  15. Minnesota nice is more than just good manners; it’s a way of life.