5 Ways to Give Your Technicians the Skills to Sell

By January 9, 2019 No Comments
Two people shaking hands
Two people shaking hands

Many businesses think that sales are solely the responsibility of a sales department or team. And plenty of non-sales employees agree. If your business and employees are among these groups, you are limiting growth and success. Service representatives and technicians interact with existing customers daily. Existing customers are easier and less expensive to sell products and services to than new ones. You can increase revenue and profits by training these key employees how to sell to customers.

Take a look at these four teaching techniques:

1. Change the team culture
It is hard to convince technicians to sell without the right company culture. Make it a point to educate your entire team on the importance of selling including upsells and cross-sales. Show how it will increase profits and help the business achieve short- and long-term goals. It is also crucial to talk about what’s in it for them to encourage their acceptance and make them excited about the change.

2. Active listening
An important part of any sales culture is active listening. Active listening focuses on fully concentrating on what a customer says and then repeat it back to confirm understanding. Many technicians are programmed to arrive at a job, fix the problem and move on. The same is true for customer service representatives who want to fix a customer’s problem quickly so they can move on to the next.

3. Tell them what to listen for
Take active listening training one step further by teaching technicians what to listen for when a customer is talking. What keywords should trigger a recommendation or suggestion for new products and service? If an existing customer has a problem you can solve, they will be happy to hear that a vendor they trust can help them.

4. Show them what to look for
Too often, technicians know little about the additional services your company offers even though you think they do. Look at the different types of scenarios a technician may see when they do a service call. Explain how they can solve common problems with another product. Once they understand the features and benefits, it is easier for technicians to make recommendations or suggestions during their visit.

5. Focus on value, not selling
Sales has a bad reputation. Many customers think sales representatives only want them to buy so they get a commission. The key to successful selling and growth is focusing on delivering value to existing customers. When you change your focus to value by solving their biggest problems, they know they can trust your business. Once a customer trusts you, they often turn into loyal clients that refer others to you.

Selling is no longer one department’s responsibility. Especially if you want to grow your company. Teaching technicians to sell during service calls is a good way to offer value to your customers, generate more revenue and increase your bottom line. Use these five techniques to embrace, promote and cultivate more sales moving forward.