7 Signs You Need a Bigger Support Team

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Four coworkers giving thumbs up Featured
Four coworkers giving thumbs up Featured

Whether your business is a startup or well-established, there typically comes a time when you need to hire additional support staff. While adding staff is a great way to allow for company growth,  it can be a difficult choice because hiring more employees comes with additional expenses.

Delaying hiring can hinder business growth and negatively impact your bottom line more drastically than hiring additional support team members. If you are struggling with whether to hire more team members, here are seven signs it’s time.

1. First Call Resolution Rates Decline
First call resolution rates calculate the percentage of calls and conversations that are solved the first time a customer makes contact with your brand. The higher the number, the more successful you are at satisfying customer needs and the less money you spend on follow-up calls later.

The majority of contact centers track this standard key performance indicator (KPI). If you notice a substantial drop, you should investigate the cause and determine if additional staff could solve the issue.

2. You Spend Time On Non-Revenue Generating Tasks
Whether you are a business owner or leader, your time should only be spent on tasks that directly impact the bottom line. If you find yourself picking up mail from the post office, making copies, or fielding customer service emails, it is time to hire additional staff. These may seem like harmless activities that are easier taken care of on your own. However, delegating these tasks to a support team frees up your time, allowing you to invest it on more important matters that increase business revenue.

3. There Is A Spike In AHT
Average handle time (AHT) is the average time it takes to handle a customer conversation from beginning to end, including time spent after the call is completed. Every business has its own goal that should be tracked continuously. If it drops below the ideal target and you are unable to reverse it, it could impact customer satisfaction levels and hold times, causing a need for additional employees. If ignored, an increase in average handle time will increase expenses and diminish customer loyalty over time.

4. Employee Turnover Rate Increases
When employees feel burnt out, they lose their desire to continue working for the same company. If your staff is currently logging overtime, unable to use vacation days, or under tremendous pressure to perform, you risk them leaving. Hiring additional staff shows that you care about their well-being, value their efforts, and improves team morale.

5. You Start Turning Away Customers You Want
If you don’t add staff fast enough, there can come a time when you find yourself turning away business you want but know you can’t help. Some may think that saying no to business is a good thing, but it negatively impacts your reputation long-term and forces customers to seek out competitors as an alternative.

6. You Are Spending Serious Money On Overtime Pay
As a leader, you should be reviewing payroll expenses monthly and comparing budget versus actual. If there is a spike in overtime expenses, it is a good time to calculate and analyze what it would cost to hire additional support staff instead.

7. Performance Scores Are Suffering
Performance evaluation scores are a common strategy used in business call centers that show management how an overall team is performing as well as individuals agents. The scores are measured against your business goals. A drop in performance scores could mean that your employees are overstressed and struggling to keep up with their workload. Additional support allows agents to delegate tedious tasks and follow-ups and focus more time on customer conversations.