5 Customer Service Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

By April 3, 2019 No Comments
Exclamation point in a white talk bubble
Exclamation point in a white talk bubble

Successful businesses know that in today’s instant gratification world, customers have more power than ever before thanks to social media and online review websites. One wrong decision can lead to a damaged online reputation, bad reviews and a decline in sales.

Upset customers are more likely to talk to their colleagues, family, and friends about their experiences than those with satisfactory experiences. If your business wants to grow, now is the time to focus on customer service and build a memorable customer experience.

Take a look at these common customer service mistakes your business should avoid.

1. Making customers work for what they want
If a customer has to work too hard to get the outcome they desire, they are more likely to move their business elsewhere. Make contacting you, finding information or processing return requests simple for customers. Create valuable content on your website dedicated to answering the most commonly asked questions. Hire somebody to manage social media profiles so customers that prefer this method of communication get answers quickly. Other areas to increase response times is by utilizing Live Chat on websites or creating a text message line for to send questions and receive answers quickly.

Don’t forget to empower customer service representatives to fix certain problems without asking for approval. This will speed up response times and first call resolution rates, resulting in happier customers that want to return.

2. Ignoring customer feedback and opinions
Customers want to be heard, and when they contact your service team, they want a solution to their problem. If customer service representatives brush them off or don’t fully listen to their concerns, it makes the individual feel as if you don’t care about them.

Train your service representatives to actively listen to customers, acknowledge their problem and take action. In addition, if you receive complaints or opinions; investigate the negative and share the good. Feedback is no longer limited to customer calls and conversations. Today, many individuals utilize platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google to leave reviews. These should be monitored daily, so negative reviews are never left unanswered. As easy as it is to ignore these, not responding is detrimental to your brand reputation.

3. Treating all customers the same
Every customer is unique and should be treated as such. Too many companies rely heavily on automation. While automation increases efficiency and reduces costs, it can also impact your revenue if you are not careful.

When you communicate with customers, personalize the message so they feel as if you really know them. Sending automated emails without a greeting or their name says that you don’t care. When customers feel as if a company doesn’t know them, they are likely to find one willing to invest in developing a personal relationship elsewhere.

4. Not communicating
Customers contact you because they want a response. The worst mistakes service reps can make include placing a customer on hold with no explanation or promising to get back them and not following through. With the extensive list of communication options available including phone, text, email, and social media, keeping every customer up to date should be easy.

Update customers on what is happening in the process and what steps are being taken to resolve their questions is often enough to maintain their happiness and create a positive experience.

5. Not involving Customer Service in product improvements
Customer service teams are the front line of your business. They hear the struggles and concerns of customers firsthand and can offer valuable insight into product innovation and improvements.  Product teams should partner with customer service to better understand how the customer feels, what they want, and what they expect from the company.

Improving your customer service experience should be a top priority for a business that wants to grow and see continued success. Avoid these common mistakes to make your business stand out from the competition.