Four Apps to Help Manage Your Schedules

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Four Apps to Help Manage Your Schedules
Four Apps to Help Manage Your Schedules

A new year means new possibilities for your business, and a chance to get organized.  There’s nothing more stressful than opening your calendar to find you’re double booked, and then having to embarrassingly reschedule with your customers or vendors. If you’re already using a smartphone, there are tons of apps available that can help you to fully manage your calendar.

You can find dozens of apps in your device’s app store, but to make it easier, we’ve pulled together a list that’s available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android.  The best part?  These are all free to use, and many integrate with your schedules on Google, Facebook and Outlook.

Platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, and now Apple Watch
Accompanying its versatility across all mobile phone platforms, Wave was built to make your standard calendar sleek and easily viewable. It has all of the standard features you would expect from a calendar app: event notifications, calendar syncing, up-to-date scheduling and more. Where it’s different is its ability to create a to-do list on your phone, as well as sync the app with your Google Tasks.  It offers you the option to view your schedule chronologically in several different formats to consolidate your data; and if your events include a location, it offers a mapping feature so you can locate it easily.

Everything in a neat, appealing package.

Platform: Android and iPhone
Are you finding it difficult to integrate both your personal life and your business life? Is managing both calendars becoming a complicated, frustrating task? Then Cal can probably help. It’s from the creators of Any.Do, a to-do list app that helps you manage your daily tasks. Set up the Cal app to sync your to-do list from the original app seamlessly. It’s an attractive app, with bold lettering and chronological lists of what to expect for the day.  It also syncs with your phone’s original calendar so you don’t have to copy and paste any meetings.

Where this app stands out, though, is its integration to Facebook and your contacts.  It can sync to your account and alert you of birthdays or anniversaries, and even allows you to write on birthday wishes on Facebook right from the app.  You can link people to an event, and it will remind you of attendees later on.

Similarly to Wave, it will also preload maps to your appointments that contain locations so you never have to search for directions. It also saves addresses of places you frequent.

Platform: Android and iPhone
UpTo not only allows you to organize your important dates and meetings, but you can follow other calendars for an up-to-date view on what’s going on around you so you never miss a thing. This app is great for companies, as it lets employees follow the company calendar to keep everyone on the same page. The app even comes with an option to embed the calendar on your website. As with many of these apps, UpTo also syncs your Outlook, Facebook and Google calendar.

Platform: Android and iPhone
Hailed as “The first great calendar app for Android.” by The Verge, Sunrise offers a colorful, clean look to your schedule.  It provides a few different views to provide a better overall glance at your calendar.

Admired features of this app are the daily weather forecasts, as well as the ability to invite friends to events that you’ve scheduled. It then shows you who has accepted or not. Sunrise syncs with Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare, TripIt, Todoist, Trello, Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud and more.