Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office
Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office

Valentine’s Day is a holiday typically associated with love, romance, flowers and choclates.  For some, it’s a holiday worthy of acknowledging while others prefer to ignore it. Celebrating this holiday in the office setting may seem a bit unusual, but it’s an excellent way to promote team culture and spirit.

Valentine’s Day traditions stem from ancient England or French traditions. Valentine’s Day became a holiday at the end of the Fifth Century. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the holiday transitioned to a day about love. Today, more than one hundred and fourteen million cards are exchanged in celebration of the holiday, making it the second most popular card-giving day next to Christmas.

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday making it perfect for employee celebrations. Here are nine ideas that are easy and acceptable for the office environment:

1. Spread The Love
Show your love for your community by volunteering. Animal shelters, nursing homes and food banks always welcome extra hands for sorting, visiting and other tasks. Have employees vote on the organization or launch a social media contest to pick the winning organization.

2. Valentine’s Themed Lunch
Schedule an hour for your team to leave their desks and enjoy conversation and food. Pass around a signup sheet in advance and ask officemates to bring in themed food like heart-shaped treats or red/pink-colored goodies.

3. Secret Cupid
This game is similar to Secret Santa exchanges. Have every employee who wants to participate pick a colleague’s name randomly out of a basket. They keep this name a secret! On Valentine’s Day, employees leave little gifts for who they chose on their desk or in the mailbox.

4. Decorate
Go all out on the pink, red and heart-shaped décor. Crepe paper, banners, balloons and signs are easy to find at your dollar stores or supercenters.

5. Employee Challenge
Hold an employee challenge about spreading kindness and love. The annual Random Acts of Kindness week falls February 12-18 in 2017. Employees can sign up and spread joy through the office and community with daily challenges.

6. Office Games and Fun
Games are entertaining additions to a drab day! Fill a jar or basket with Hershey Kisses or other chocolate candy. Have employees guess the number and whoever is closest gets to keep the candy.

7. Share Love Stories
Host a show-and-tell session. Invite employees to share their love stories. Share funny stories, horrible date stories, or how they met their spouse, etc. Make it entertaining by giving prizes for the funniest or most romantic stories.

8. Host a Heart-Healthy Event
Plan a community event that focuses on healthy hearts. Invite the American Heart Association or local doctors to educate attendees on healthy heart facts and recommendations. Offer activities like dodge ball, basketball or obstacle courses for participants of all ages.

9. Dress Down (or Up!)
Schedule Valentine’s Day to be an office fundraiser dress day. Instead of employees donating to dress down, ask employees to dress in Valentine ’s Day colors. Give the money collected to your office charity of choice.

This year, make Valentine’s Day a team-building day. Show love to your community, schedule fun activities, and inspire employees to look at it as more than just a day of love, but a day of kindness and joy.