Health Care

Better prepared to serve your patients

Quality care begins with the first phone call

Health Care Side ImageTimely and efficient call management eliminates backlogs, reduces pressure on administrative or clinical staff and leads to a better patient experience. A good impression benefits your practice—in both reputation and patient retention.

Time Communications provides 24/7 call answering, customer support, appointment scheduling, paging and dispatch and emergency support. Services are available every day of the year. If you need support for overflow calls or during peak times, we can help.

Our services are suited for any specialty in the medical field, from small dental practices to clinics and hospitals. We have the experience, staff and resources to accommodate any size facility, whether you require a physician’s answering service to handle after-hours needs or a hospital call center to manage and direct a high-volume of phone calls.

Health Care Side Image - 2Our professional customer service representatives handle not only incoming calls, but can place outbound calls on your behalf. Do you have patients who might benefit from an appointment reminder? Fewer missed appointments means less wasted time for your staff.

By partnering with a call center, your patients will see several advantages. Instead of waiting on hold, calls are taken immediately. Rather than dealing with a complicated automated phone system, calls are picked up promptly and directed hassle-free. And instead of ending up with voicemail, there will be a live voice on the line to manage the call without delay.

When someone’s wellness is at stake, providers need the resources to address patients’ needs as soon as possible. Call center services can improve efficiency and your practice’s effectiveness in delivering care. After all, a well-managed facility is better prepared to serve.