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Utilities & Telecom Side ImageWhen you provide an essential utility or high-demand service—from electricity and water to internet and cable television—it’s crucial to have competent phone support and effective customer service.

Utility companies and telecommunications providers deliver services customers need every day. So, when your top priority is keeping your infrastructure maintained or your systems operational, call management is an understandable challenge.

When service delivery is on the line, it’s essential to have the backing of a well-functioning call management plan, and that’s where Time Communications can help. With our comprehensive call center services, there’s no longer a gap between supplying reliable service and providing the high level of customer care your industry demands.

Time Communications is a Minnesota-based call center. Our experienced and trained representatives offer services that fit every aspect of your industry, whether you need 24/7 live call answering, telephone messaging, emergency dispatching, technical support or customer service.

Our trained representatives are available at all times: around the clock and every day of the year. Our staff uses advanced call-answering technology that allows them to see your organization’s call handling information and instructions while they answer your inbound calls.

Utilities & Telecom Side Image - 2Your company works continuously to ensure service is reaching your customers, but handling unexpected situations is part of the business. We’re ready to support you there, too. From weather-related outages to equipment problems or service interruptions, our emergency dispatch services can help when your crews are called to action to restore service.

With dependable, live call answering and message taking, we’ll offer your customers a prompt, professional response—from questions about billing statements to inquiries about their service.

Call answering starts at $90 per month, and we back our award-winning services with a 90-day money back guarantee. Call us to find out more about how Time Communications can help your company.

Curious about how a call center can support your emergency response plan? Check out our infographic, and find other useful resources in our content library. For other helpful insights for your company and staff, keep up with the Time Communications blog.