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Office Spring Cleaning: Top Ways to De-clutter the Office

By April 6, 2016February 25th, 2020No Comments
Office Spring Cleaning: Top Ways to De-clutter the Office
Office Spring Cleaning: Top Ways to De-clutter the Office

It’s that time of year when it’s good to jump on the spring-cleaning bandwagon and get the office de-cluttered.  You can even make it a group effort and dedicate a specific time or day to rally together to get the office organized in no time.

Follow these tips to make this spring’s cleaning tasks easy and even enjoyable!

Start With the Desk
Depending on the design of your office, there may be individual desks in separate offices or a collection of desks or cubicles in a large area. Whatever your office design, first focus on organizing your individual desks. Messy, cluttered desks can affect productivity and can even have a negative impact on office morale.

Have each employee clean his or her own desk as part of the spring-cleaning kick-off! Have the supplies they need on hand, including:

+ Sanitizing wipes
+ Microfiber cloths for cleaning computers and keyboards
+ Gloves
+ Electrostatic dusters to prevent dust from flying everywhere
+ Trash bags

This is a good time to note any repairs that need to be made in the offices, from desk drawers, desk chairs, lights or bulbs, etc.  Have each employee write down anything they need to have fixed or taken care of.

Add a fun element to the activity with some friendly competition! Consider offering small prizes for the task like “The Fastest Clean Up” or “Biggest Change.” Have your staff take before and after photos, and see just how much of a difference de-cluttering can make.

Common Office Areas
Tackle common areas as a group. These areas may include copy or supply rooms, board rooms, break rooms, kitchen and other spaces that all of the employees use. If possible, break employees up into teams so you can tackle multiple areas at once.

The objective is to get rid of trash, recyclables, and items you no longer need, check inventory levels, wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial cleaners, clean out the refrigerator and microwave, etc. If there are things in any of the rooms that are never used, now is the time to eliminate them from the office—whether that means tossing them, or donating excess supplies to a local non-profit or other organization. The purpose of de-cluttering is to get rid of the things that are taking up space so it can be used for more useful items.

Large companies have janitorial or cleaning companies that take care of routine cleaning, but if your office is small, you may not have this service. If your office doesn’t have a housekeeping service, assign regular cleaning tasks to employees on a rotating basis to maintain office cleanliness.

Virtual De-Cluttering
Last, but not least, do some virtual de-cluttering, such as backing up files to the cloud or external hard drive; updating to the most recent versions of your programs, operating system and apps; deleting contents in your computer’s trash and recycling bins; clearing cookies and cache; and uninstalling programs no longer used.

Virtual spring cleaning can be a great way to start this process on a regular basis! Start fresh by having each employee perform these duties on their computers, including organizing emails, once a month after this de-cluttering. It becomes a much more streamlined process when you don’t have a year’s worth of files to go through.

At the end of your office spring cleaning, celebrate the completion of this big task! Have lunch brought in from somewhere special, enjoy a workplace pot luck, or take your team out. Rewarding employees will have everyone looking forward to next year’s spring cleaning.